CBC Literary Prize Creative Non-fiction, 2015

Longlist - "Immobilized"

"The phone only rings twice a day: once in the morning to announce "not yet" and later in the afternoon to say, "not today." The pilot on the other end is apologetic but firm. We're anxious to get in the air, out over the ice, find some bears and get the footage that will make the film. But we're paralyzed by zero visibility." 

Edit Scripts (Broadcast, Non-fiction)

Crafting a story out of footage, interviews and narration.

Take One, CTV Montreal (daily deadline)

Plus Loin Plus Sport (30mins)

My Brand New Life / Je Vis Ta Vie (30mins)

Active Toi! (30mins)

Dogs With Jobs (7mins)


Hour Magazine, Montreal, Quebec - 1996-1998

CMJ Productions II Inc
Development Producer (2016)
Working with a writer and researcher developing series ideas from brainstorm, to concept development, to research, to final broadcaster pitch. 
Dangerous Flights I & II

Smithsonian Channel, Discovery Channel

Series Researcher and Fact Checker, Web Content (2011- 2013)

Provided detailed research pack for each story to include: character background and story beats, aircraft tech specs, breakdown of flight route, culture and country-specific background info. Secured access and permission to film from locations and airports around the world.

Extinctions (Ep. 6 "Ours Polaire")

France 5, Oasis Earth

Researcher and Director (2009 - 2010)

Researched in depth the science, politics and cultural factors that impact the polar bear's status as a species at risk. Interviewed leading biologists, conservationists and polar bear experts around the world. Secured rare access to USGS scientists conducting an ongoing population survey in Alaska. Connected with locals in Iceland involved in the shooting of a polar bear that swam ashore from Greenland. Secured cooperation from native community in Gjoa Haven to film elders tracking bears. 

Plus Loin Plus Sport


Researcher and Director

Documentary series about Quebec athletes forced to leave their country for their sport. Filmed in France with a taekwondo champion, DTM race car driver and a horse trainer.

Short & Male


Researcher and Assistant Director

Worked closely with director on content and focus. Researched stories and characters - from average American men 5ft5 and under facing challenges unique to their shorter stature, to a little boy in Chicago taking growth hormone supplements, to an American man in China going through a painful leg lengthening procedure. Coordinated shoots throughout North America and in China.

Buy Me


Researcher and Director (2006 - 2007)

Tracked down homeowners selling their property and willing to share their experience on camera, from beginning to end. 

Dogs With Jobs III, IV & V 

Life & National Geographic

Researcher and Director (2003)

Documentary series featuring working dogs from around the world. Found everything from an archeology dog that detects ancient human remains to a dog that can predict epileptic seizures.    

Yaa! To The M@x! & Grand Finale Awards Show


Researcher (2000 - 2001)

Kids TV series profiling ordinary kids doing extraordinary things with their life. Researched kids from across the country and worked closely with director and producer to identify story arc and coordinate logistics. 

CBC Newswatch

Chase and Features Researcher (1998 - 1999, 2002)

First job in the TV industry. Working on a tight daily deadline, tracking down the people involved in the issue of the day, in a time before the internet put the world at our fingertips. Gained access to politicians, community leaders and every day families by building contacts and earning trust.  

Gone To An Aunt's, Non-Fiction Book

McClelland & Stewart Inc

Researcher  (1997)

Researched the Quebec and Maritime specific portion of a book by CBC broadcaster Anne Petrie, about the hushed history of homes for unwed mothers in Canada.