My story ...

I've been working in media for 20 + years - as a print journalist for the local alternative weekly, chase researcher for the CBC local news, arts reporter for CTV, director on live action, reality, current affairs and documentary TV series and video producer for corporate and government clients.

I'm a Quebec resident, bi-lingual and always game to travel.

I'm a fast learner, insatiably curious, adventurous, adaptable and I play well with others. 

I'm an excellent interviewer. No exaggeration.

I've filmed polar bears on the tundra as part of a crew of two, home reno reality madness with a crew of 30 and fighter jets in the Middle East as the only woman on a crew with ten guys. 

I worked as a waitress in bars and restaurants for nine years. My only crowning achievement from that era is that I once set a table on fire. Yes, by accident. 

I'm a people person, just as comfortable speaking to a crowd of strangers as to a familiar party of two.

And I make lovely jewelry... if I do say so myself. 

1998 Concordia University

          BA Major Journalism, Minor Political Science


2015   CBC Creative Non Fiction Literary Prize, Long list

2003   Prize of Excellence, Alliance of Children and Television

1997   Cynthia Gunn Scholarship

1997   The Canadian Women's Press Club Scholarship


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